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Conservation initiatives I have had the privilege to work with

Founder & co-coordinator


Tomogrande is a nature reserve and scientific field station located in the Colombian Altillanura. We protect gallery forests and grasslands, and conduct research in forest ecology, population dynamics and animal behavior.

Come and work with us!


Founder & former coordinator

Since 2008, the Colombian Bat Conservation Program has helped preserve fragile communities of cave dwelling bats, has reached thousands of children and adults with its environmental education program, and has trained more than 50 bat researchers and conservationists.


Member of scientific board

The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Bat Conservation Programs strives for the protection of all bat species in the region and the ecosystem services bats provide. RELCOM helps train researchers within and across its country members.  


Former researcher & environmental educator

ABC Colombia is a Non Profit Organization that works for the sovereignty of landscape stewardship, environmental education, land governance and communication. ABC has improved the quality of life of hundreds of farmers in the Colombian Llanos.  


Co-founder and co-coordinator

Chimbilako is a Non Profit Organization devoted to the  conservation of biodiversity, environmental education and the creation of environmental assessment plans. Chimbilako sprouted as an undergraduate initiative that grew into a full-fledged NGO

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